Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Voluntary Recall of Primal Pet Food

Primal Pet Foods of San Mateo, a California-based pet food manufacturer, is voluntarily recalling certain lots of its Feline Chicken & Salmon Formula products over a concern that the raw cat food might be tainted with salmonella. No incidents associated with the recalled product have been reported. Check out the following link for more information.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Looking for a job for your canine?

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Dozens of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds are in Philadelphia to see if their sniffers are up to snuff in the battle against bedbugs.

Hundreds of people from around the country are attending the National Canine Conference this week. As part of the event, 30 dogs and their handlers are trying for official certification as bedbug location canines.

The dogs and their owners are taking part in exercises in which they walk down a hallway lined with containers — some with bedbugs inside. The dogs have to pick the right containers to get certified.

Bedbug infestations are tough to eradicate. The apple seed-size critters have been found in hotels, movie theaters, retail stores and homes nationwide. Some are even developing resistance to insecticides commonly used to kill them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Caution ! Warm weather can be deadly for your pets.

Brutus, Duke, Coco, Lola and Jake...sure, they're fairly common pet names, but they're also the names of just a few of the pets that died last year because they were left in cars on warm (and not necessarily hot) days while their owners were shopping, visiting friends or family, or running errands. What's so tragic is that these beloved pets were simply the victims of bad judgment.
Want numbers? An independent study1 showed that the interior temperature of vehicles parked in outside temperatures ranging from 72 to 96° F rose steadily as time increased. And cracking the windows doesn't help.

Elapsed timeTemperature rise inside vehicle
10 minutes19°F
20 minutes29°F
30 minutes34°F
60 minutes43°F
1 to 2 hours45-50°F